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What if you had the ability to tell if a person was good or evil long before they ever opened their mouths? All electronic devices are surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and human beings whose nervous systems rely on electrical impulses are no exception. These electrical impulses betray important information about our nature to those with the ability to see them. Whether by subconscious cue, or metaphysical energy, people are always saying things about themselves and they don't even know it.

With the Aura Viewing treatment, you will soon be able to see the auras of strangers and loved ones with your third eye. This third eye has been used by mystics throughout history to tell things about the hidden within us all. How much of a gift would it be to be able to tell the good from the evil when meeting new people? How valuable would it be to have a better understanding of those who are genuine and those who intend to deceive you? These talents have been used by respected metaphysical leaders for thousands of years, and now they can be yours.

While the nature of Aura reading is not fully understood in concrete scientific terms, it has been well documented in several studies conducted at select universities specializing in paranormal phenomena as well as neurology. There are two schools of thought on exactly how it works in those who have developed the gift.

One school suggests that every living being has an energy field that is either contributing to positive or negative spiritual forces. The other school dictates that the subconscious mind becomes in tune with mental cues that accurately depict someone as having a positive or negative attitude towards other people. These cues can be anything from how they part their hair, to their physical stature, to what their eyes do when they look at you. There are thousands of qualities about people we never notice on a conscious level. These cues are then in turn processed through the cerebral cortex into a series of symbols. These symbols then are manifest in a way the viewer can understand. Some report seeing a colored glow hovering about everyone they meet. Others say they just get a strong gut feeling about those they meet. Regardless, it is a powerful tool for anyone who deals with new people on a regular basis. Some who have the talent cannot imagine going back to a world filled with uncertain strangers in times such as these.

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