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Have you ever come across the situations below?
- My baby is reluctant to feed on milk
- My baby keeps on crying
- Messing with taking shower for my baby
- When to change diapers for my kid
- My kid got diarrhea, fever, cold….you name it

Baby Bible (infant) is one of the series of tailor-made smart-phone application for helping you to care for your infant / baby (parenting / baby care / babysitting). No matter whether you are novice or veteran of parenting / babysit your newborn, you can make use of Baby Bible to smooth out all the hassles of taking care of your baby / children whensoever and wheresoever.

Baby Bible provides you with a wide variety of parenting information which parents can make sense of by simply clicking on your cell-phones. Baby Bible is definitely your family’s companion while your baby / children grows up.

<< Basic features of Baby Bible>>
-Infant / Baby care Knowledge Base
-Baby Growth Milestone
-Newborn / baby care / parenting Q&A

< Infant / Baby care Knowledge Base >
Chapter 1. Nutrition
-Nutritional Values of Breast milk Vs Milk formula
-Preparation and skills for Breast-feeding
-Preparation and skills for Bottle-feeding
-Supplementary Food

Chapter 2. Elimination
-What the baby feces tell
-Normal feces
-Abnormal feces
-Skills of changing diapers

Chapter 3. Sleeping
-Sleeping Plan
-Preparation of Sleep
-Life pattern
-Bed and Pillow for baby
-Sleeping postures

Chapter 4 Hygiene
-Eyes care
-Oral care
-Hair care
-Ears care
-Nose care
-Skin care
-Buttocks care

Chapter 5 Growth
-Growth criteria
-Standard Growth formula
-Teaching your baby

Chapter 6 Medical
-Common illnesses
-Other illnesses
-Vaccination Schedule

Chapter 7 Crying
-Their First Language
-Physiological desires
-Psychological responses
-Environmental factors

Chapter 8 Carrying
-Basic Knowledge
-Pick up and Put down your baby
-Ways to carry baby
-Ways to carry baby after 4 months

Chapter 9 Bathing
-Basic knowledge of bathing
-Reminders of bathing
-Bathing skills and steps

< Baby Growth Milestone >
It is a timeline to account for the physical and psychological growth of baby / children aged from 0week to 1 year in a weekly basis, including baby / children expected height, weight, head circumference, gross and fine motor skills, remainder and vaccination.

< Newborn / Baby care / Parenting / Babysitting Q&A >
Baby Bible provides you with common questions concerning parenting / baby care / babysitting which are classified according to the 9 Chapters in the knowledge base with the corresponding answers.

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