Baby Log



You can record your baby's care.
(including milk, sleep, diet, physical data, and more)

The recorded data can be viewed and summarized.
Also calculates totals and averages.

graphs of aggregated data can be displayed.

In addition,the features of this application, you can create a database of more than one baby.
Available on Families with siblings or at a small nursery.

Who's your brother and come close to a year, are also available such as a small nursery.

(1) The main Screen
a) First, create a new DB(DataBase).
DB will be created when you enter name and date of birth of the baby.
From the option menu, add or remove at any time.

If you have more than one DB, you can switch DB from the menu "Change DB".

b) Select the icon to be registered, and input data.
It's registered at the current time.

(Breastfeeding):amount(ml) and comment(optional)
(Milk) :amount(ml) and comment(optional)
(Baby food) :comment(optional)
(ex.)such as menu.
(Pee) :comment(optional)
(Boo) :condition(3 levels)
and comment(optional)
(Measurements :height(cm), weight(kg), shoe size(cm)
(Sleep start) :comment(optional)
(Sleep end) :comment(optional)
*sleep time is calculated automatically
(Free Memo) :comment(optional)
(ex.)such as immunization records.

(2) The aggregate Screen
a) You can browse the aggregate screen when registering the data or click
buttons on the top of the main screen.

The menu "Detail", to display total and average information.

b) On "Today" screen, available to edit, add, and delete by tap the item data.
(If no data, can be added from the menu "Add")

(3) the Graph screen
a) You can browse the graph screen when tap the main screen menu "Graph", and select the display type and start date.

b) You can switch display type from the button at the top of the screen(30, 90, 180 days)

c) From the menu, you can change the settings of display type and start date.

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