Babywatch Tracking




Babywatch Tracking App allows moms-to-be to connect with their yet unborn baby in an intimate and dynamic way and find information on how to lead a healthier pregnancy.

The Babywatch Tracking App enables moms-to-be to:
- LISTEN: Hear and visualize your unborn baby’s heartbeat. – requires a Babywatch pregnancy tracking device*
- SHARE: Share experiences with loved ones privately or on social networks.
- COUNT: Baby's kicks counter.
- TRACK: Track and organize your prenatal care.
- CALC: Calculate relevant dates in pregnancy.

*Babywatch consists of an app that connects to a pregnancy tracking device that is used to detect and listen to your baby's heartbeat. Babywatch pregnancy tracking device is simple and safe to use. You can get the device and find more information at

Why do we do it?

The Babywatch System is launched with the vision to make pregnancy tracking interactive and social. The ultimate importance of the Babywatch device and app system lies in its aim to bring quantified self tools to pregnancy and start introducing future parents to using digital tools for pregnancy tracking through an easy to understand experience.

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