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Back pain during pregnancy and lower back pain remedies are the primary topics discussed in this short course.

Lower back pain: Symptoms and Remedies

Pain or discomfort in the lower portion of our back and the spinal column is a common phenomenon and can be largely attributed to our changing lifestyles.

Wrong posture or inadequate exercise is most often the cause of the pain in the lower spinal column.

The treatment of such a pain can vary from a simple over the counter medicine to surgery depending on the severity and the cause....

Pregnancy And Back Pain Problems

...At the third trimester, the stomach now protrudes more prominently, causing the following symptoms:

* Increased back pain.
* Increased moodiness.

Among all the symptoms mentioned above, coping with lower back ache seem to be the most persistent.

It starts from the second trimester and ends after giving birth.

How does a pregnant woman get through this hurdle?

Here are some tips for pain relief during pregnancy...


Chapter 1-Lower back pain:Symptoms and Remedies

Chapter 2-The Aches and Pains of Pregnancy and Back Pain

Chapter 3-Four Steps To Relieve Back Pain

Chapter 4-Check Out These Great Back Pain Tips

Chapter 5-Pregnancy And Back Pain Problems

Chapter 6-Five Smart Low Back Pain Relief Ideas

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