Balsam Health Channel App provides an internet and interactive TV channel.

It looks forwards to build up a vivid interactive Video channel of
communication between Health services providing communities and the
general population.

It aims the public through mass communication tools in the purpose of:
• Raising public awareness and culture promoting health programs and culture
• Building up an operational tool for communication between health
services and the general public
• Offering an effective tool for health providing institutions to
promote their products and services in a knowledgeable and clear way
to permit a better understanding and cooperation between health
service providers and their clients

Balsam Health Channel (BHC) provides quality assured, reliable, state
of the art, comprehensible, and locally relevant health and medical
information dedicated to the general public.
BHC does not replace care provided by medical practitioners and other
qualified health professionals. It rather supplies health service
providers and medical specialists with a powerful mean of promotion
and support of their services.

BHC content will concentrate on:
• Current and emerging health issues
• Developments in medical research and practice
• National and state health priorities and programs targeting specific
layers of the population including chronic, as well as other aspects
of family and public health.
• Being an interactive channel turns it into a vital mean for health
services and medical product providers to assess and relocate their
products, programs, and services in the market.

BHC supplies Health and medical information you can trust

Programs and information on BHC are designed and presented by renowned
experts in their fields as well as in cooperation with international
health organization. BHC has a rigorous quality assurance and approval
process to ensure high quality reliability of information.
We would welcome your feedback about our services. In case you may
have any query or comment, please use the form on the Contact us page.
We will do our best to respond to all emails promptly.
Our channel provides general advice and information while we insist on
keeping a close relation and practical advice between you and your
medical health providers.

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