Basketball Ball Handling



Want to learn how to handle the ball like the top NBA guards?

Whether you are a guard, forward or center, dribbling is an essential and electrifying part of today’s basketball games.

This app was designed for both elite basketball players and beginners. Find a level that fits you and get going!

Take the Fitivity workouts and master drills will elevate your game – making you unstoppable on the basketball court.

The Fitivity Ball Dribbling app is the first app of the Fitivity Basketball series. The application is split up into 6 levels that will test your coordination, skills, and nervous system. Each level has proven drills that are guaranteed to elevate your game to the next level.

- 6 basketball dribbling Levels that will challenge you!
- Video demonstrations for each drill
- Tips and tricks that will guide you throughout your journey to greatness

Anyone can be good at dribbling. The more dribbling you do, the better you get.

“Love the success, but love the journey to get there more”
Guy Pistone – CEO of fitivity

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