Beauty Care WellWave



A wellness center in your pocket !

Your friend asks you if you've been in a beauty salon!

A Beauty Care machine for you wellness .

The app make treatments like an beauty care electrotherapy equipment.

Beauty Care WellWave- emits waves ( sound and magnetic ) for beauty care treatment.

You can have a beauty care SPA in your pocket!

It includes 11 different programs:

Facial toning
Skin revitalize and complexion
Normalizes blood circulation and capillaries
Cells regeneration
Skin antiseptic
Revitalize joints
Healing of muscles
Relax muscles
Skin anti-allergy
Skin anti-acne
Relax the eyes, eyebrows and dark circles

The use of this app:
1- Select one of this programs.
2- Adjusts the volume low but audible.
3- Keep the device near the body (eg in pocket) for 5-60 minutes.

The speaker will diffuses the Waves ( sound and magnetic ) in the body for the spa treatment. the Waves
will gently diffuses into the body also from your pocket or your arm.

For a more efficient use, you can use big headphones, and place them directly on any body part. Or place the pone colse to your face. The waves of Beauty care app, will take effect more quickly.
For a normal treatment, is sufficient to keep the machine close to you for 15 minutes, and run the beauty treatment.

The programs “Facial toning “ and “Relax muscles” does a relaxing effect, not use them while driving. Other programs can be used during normal activities. Take a comfortable position to get the best results.

The free version only works for an hour of trial.

Beauty Care WellWave plays consolidates frequecies, same as professional spa equipment.

Whit this app you can have a wellness center in your pocket !

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