BeFit: squats

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    BeFit transforms your smartphone into a training system, which enables you
    to get a great sports experience on smallest room.
    What would be if you could do your sports program no matter where you are or
    what time it is? Impossible?
    It's possible! BeFit creates, based on your placement test, a personalized training
    schedule with small exercises, which you can do anywhere you want and without any
    Doing 50 or 100 squats in a row? With BeFit: squats you train effectively stomach-, back-, and leg muscles. Simply , put your mobile phone into your trouser pocket and let's get started. With the innovative training technique you can reach your goals easily.
    No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro already.


    Features of this full version:
    • no ads
    • premium function for switching to any trainingsday you want
    • widget: so you never miss an exercise
    • do missed trainingsdays again
    • innovative training technique
    • training plans that fit YOUR level of fitness
    • detailed graphical

    Samsung Galaxy S users may have some troubles, which will be fixed soon.

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