Beginner's Massage -10 Lessons



Includes Muscle Anatomy app (normally $0.99AUD) free!

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A comprehensive Beginner's Massage course.

Great for getting a basic foundation in massage techniques. Impress your family or partner and help them remove stress and relax.

App includes:
*7 of the most common massage techniques required to give an excellent massage in separate lessons with diagrams of effective places to apply and further information about the techniques.
*Hi Quality videos of each technique with voice over including full routines for the feet.
*Includes the complete Muscle Anatomy reference app ($0.99AUD included extra value)
*Getting started guide includes required equipment for different levels of practice.
*warm-up stretches for before giving a massage professionally
*Instructions on the different Massage Stances used
*In depth instructions on giving a foot massage including 2 routines with directions
*Tips on a variety of massage topics including sensual massage, tension headache origins and general massage tips.

This app is a great introduction to massage. To preview what this app has to offer download my free body massage and foot massage apps.

*download includes all required videos and media. No further downloads necessary
*moving to SD card currently not supported. Will be coming in the next update

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