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Belly Dancing Leyla Style

by: mappaquerque

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Regardless if you’re a beginning belly dancer or if you’ve moved beyond beginning, the Hip Phylosophy Mobile Belly dance Dance App has something for you.

Belly Dance Basics for the Beginning Belly Dancer Video:
This is one of the most popular beginning belly dance video courses on the Internet; this 60 minute video will walk you through the essentials of positioning, posturing, single and double hip thrusts, hip circles and tie it all together so you can get a real feel of what it’s like to Belly Dance.

“Your Videos Have Helped Me More Than any Others”

“I love how accessible you are, how very real you seem. You explain the moves just enough not too much, not too little”! Viewing your videos have inspired me to continue with belly dancing .you have shown a professional motivation and care in teaching. Thank you for your assistance.” Shadow

Best 10 Minutes Ever Spent

I just wanted to say that this is probably the best 10 minutes I’ve ever spent. Even though this is only beginning moves and it was a short amount of time, I can really, really feelmy core and muscies….and not in a sore way either. This is so helpfuful. THANK YOU! Bree

Beginning Intermediate Videos

Six Combinations for Speed and Balance Video – A drummer accompanied 50 minute video comprised of 6 progressive combinations bringing in sharps, softs, some layering, back corner thrusts that will give you a workout.

This is not your “Everyday” Same ole Style of Teaching/Instruction,

Not the same moves taught over and over. The clarity of instruction is outstanding. Leyla breaks down move with all 4 sides demonstrated with each drill broken down clearly and in detail. If you’re a beginner you will love the introduction to new steps. Intermediate dancer learn new combinations and build core strength and strengthen your legs and quads. Anglia, Georgia

Back Corner Thrusts Video

This is a 25 minute video of nothing but back corner thrusts going left to right to build balance and help build muscle memory so you can pull moves out of your hip scarf.

Footwork and Balance Video

This medium length (25 minutes or so) video is all about developing really good footwork and really good balance in your moves and combinations.

Egyptian Goddess Video Series – Just Released For the Mobile Belly Dancer

Sometimes you just want to learn a new move, or combination but you don’t want to watch a full length instructional video. It this sounds like you then this unique series of 5 videos are what you’ve been waiting for.

- Goddess Sati – Goddess of the Lower Heaven - A 4 ½ minute combination working right to left to right with pistons with circles going back to center.
- Goddess Hathor – The House of Horus is a 6 ½ minute with quick sharp moves including pistons.
- Goddess Isis – A 10 minute video working in moves with layering
- Goddess Anquet – The Embracing Lady – A 6 minute video of back corner thrusts, piston lifts & drops going left to right.
- Goddess Atum – The Complete One – Nothing but soft moves on this with double and single maya’s. Very sensual moves.

Choreography Help Video

This 36 minute video is great for getting started with Choreography, or gettng yourself in a choreography state of mind. This is a done together video that includes written text of the moves and combinations and practice music.

Practice Music

You get three tracks of practice music you can download and burn to CD if you want. This is the same music I use on my videos so you’ll have an edge learning the combinations because will be using the same music. You also get help developing a practice routine as well as access to over 150 original articles and podcasts.

Amazingly all of this (for a very short time) is only $2.99. But this price will be going up very shortly. So if you believe like we do that the DVD is a dying breed and you’re looking for a great Belly Dance Video mobile at an even better price than get the Hip Phylosophy mobile app. 10 videos and music for $2.99!

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