Bio-Strat Aid



Bio-Strat Aid is one of the few interactive and suggestive applications in the Healthcare-Oncology domain.
Bio-Strat Aid is a clinical aid for Prognostic Risk Assessment in Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma.

What this app offers ?
A convenient user friendly application which assists in Risk Stratification of any presenting case with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma. The Bio-Strat Aid is based on the NCCN recommended criteria for Prognostic Risk Assessment. Upon entering basic presentation details like Patient’s age, sex, renal biopsy status and selection of key predictors of short survival - This app helps you know if the patient is at favourable-intermediate risk or at poor prognostic risk.

The best part:
Upon Risk Stratification, Bio-Strat Aid can display customized treatment options as per NCCN recommendation.

Download options:
Bio-Strat Aid is available as a free app.
Alternately, you can download by just scanning the QR code. You must have a QR Reader installed in your hand device.
Bio-Strat Aid just requires a one time registration before usage.

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