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Please Note: BioForce HRV requires the purchase of additional hardware from BioForceHRV for the app to work. It is not intended to be a free app that will work with any HRM, it is part of the BioForce HRV system that includes book, web app, mobile app, etc. Please visit for more info

BioForce HRV is a revolutionary and simple way to measure your readiness to train on a daily basis in order to eliminate the guesswork and maximize the results of your fitness program.

The BioForce HRV system uses heart rate variability technology to measure the amount of training your body is prepared to handle each day and over time, allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your program and make changes as necessary to optimize your results.

HRV has been used for many years by some of the biggest sports teams and organizations from all over the world, but BioForce HRV is part of the next generation of HRV technology that's mobile, affordable and accurate.

Visit for more info.

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