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    Blood Pressure Toner

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    Quickly drop your blood pressure below 120/80, as soon as today, using this simple mind-body app.

    It’s empowered by …

    - Modern scientific studies
    - Medically proven methods
    - Cutting-edge biofeedback technology

    … yet it’s so easy to use that you’ll have it working within seconds.

    And you may even experience a drastic drop in your blood pressure the first time you use it!

    Plus you have it with you wherever your iPhone goes and can use it whenever you've a minute or two to spare.

    And it’s completely problem free…

    - No side effects
    - No difficult diet changes
    - No exhausting workouts

    *** Your Doctor Won’t Believe the Amazing Results! ***


    After downloading the Blood Pressure Toner, simply hit the play button. Inhale as the app guides you. Then as you exhale, make a low “eee, “aaa,” or “ooo” sound into the mike. Repeat for 5–10 minutes.

    That’s how easy it is.

    *** But Not Everything Is As It Seems ***

    The Blood Pressure Toner (unlike other deep-breathing apps) senses your breathing quality.

    And based on how easy or hard you breathe, it gently leads you into deeper and deeper breathing—making sure you always breathe to your capacity while you stay within your comfort zone and never pushing you too hard (which would actually risk raising your blood pressure).

    You don’t have to manually choose your breathing rate (although you can), since the Blood Pressure Toner automatically adjusts to your breathing.

    As your breathing deepens, the nerve messages between your heart, brain, and kidneys relax. Your arteries widen and your blood pressure drops. This happens in as little as 5 minutes.

    Repeated scientific studies have proven this type of method to be extremely effective for lowering blood pressure. And study participants have maintained their healthy, low blood pressure even years after they stopped using this method.

    *** Alternatives ***

    There are deep-breathing apps available in the ITunes store. But they’re no more than traditional meditation techniques in a new format.

    No other app uses the Blood Pressure Toner’s top-notch biofeedback technology to sense the quality of your breathing and adjust to your breathing level.

    Bio-feedback FDA-approved devices using a similar breathing-sensing, breathing-controlling approach are sold for over $300.00. And they’re both chunky and impractical to carry with you throughout the day.

    The Blood Pressure Toner is in your iPhone—it’s always with you. So you can use it anytime, anywhere you’ve got a few minutes to spare:

    - In the office
    - Out in the park
    - Before going to sleep
    - Your doctor’s waiting room
    - Stuck in traffic
    - While watching TV
    - Even on the toilet :-)

    All it takes is 5–10 min/day to manage your blood pressure naturally!

    Anyone can use the Blood Pressure Toner, no matter what kind of physical state you’re in or which age group you belong to.

    Disclaimer: This application is not a substitute for professional medical care if you have hypertension. Always consult your doctor before changing your medications or doing anything else regarding your health.

    You can begin to manage your blood pressure in 30 seconds

    Hit the “Buy Now” button and download the Blood Pressure Toner.

    Measure your blood pressure before and after using it.

    Once you’ve experienced the amazing results for yourself, we will really appreciate some wonderful feedback and 5-star ratings from you!

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