BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight


BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight's review


The path to your healthy weight starts from here

  • Calculates weight-related indicators automatically
  • Ease of use
  • It doesn't track progresses

"First thing is acceptance"

BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight is a excellent tool to get to know your current weight-related indicators and discover how far you are from your healthy weight.

Input your age, height, weight and gender and the app automatically will calculate your BMI, BSA, LBW, IBW (you can check their meaning from the apps' settings). In addition, it puts you in a category depending on the results: normal (healthy weight), underweight, overweight and obesitiy class. Discover your ideal weight based on your characteristics. Straightforwardly.

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