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Are you going to the gym and want to keep track of your training and cardiovascular workouts, but do not want to carry a notebook and pen?.

With this application you can take your daily workouts on your own device from Android version 1.6 +.

With this application you can save all your workouts and cardiovascular fitness, among a very wide selection of exercises, divided by muscles and sorted within each muscle follows, barbell, dumbbell, with pulley, other.

You just have to select the exercise, weight and repetitions performed, give the button to add and save, as simple as that.

From a minimum of two days of data, we can begin to see graphical representations of data.
We can see a graph of force as exercise and see several series for different repetitions and weight lifted. For example if you do an exercise usually 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps, see a separate line for each of the 4 series.

We can also see a simple graph that indicates selected as cardiovascular exercise, progression in time duration.

A final graph indicates the progression of body weight.

All graphics can be viewed in landscape mode and have vertical and horizontal zoom.

We can consult at any time a workout of a particular day just by entering the date, we will get a list of exercises similar to the training screen.

We have a screen to enter our body weight daily in order to see the graph.

The application also features a BMI calculator (Body Mass Index) and a RM (repetition maximum) will give us the percentages from 100% to 50% with a decrease of 5% each time.

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