BodyShape shows graphically the body contour shape, given the height and width at waist, and shows instantly by color when the width at waist exceeds the minimum or maximum limits for the given height (too fat or too lean).
The height and width can be in inches and centimetres.
The optimal ratio of width at waist to height is based on the Human Body proportions as used in Architecture (1/5).
The green shape falls within the 5 percent envelope around this optimal ratio - excess width is shown in red, excess leannes is shown in blue.
You can not only view the shape for your current height and width, but can keep a record of your measurements over a period of time and view, save, or email your records, and view them as graphs. These records and graphs can be used for your own body shape control or for medical purposes, if there is such need. And such records can be kept not only for yourself, but for all the members of your family, or any other group of people.

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