BoozeBrain allows you to log, track, chart and control you alcohol consumption and compare it to others.

    Features of the free version include:
    -Calculate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), based on your body parameters and the amount you had to drink.
    -Estimate the time left until you are sober again, based on your body and boozing
    -Create an overview of all your drinks, know all there is to know about your habits.
    -Log your drinks on a map, see where you drink the most
    -Calculate statistics and share them with your friends
    -Plot a graph over time of your BAC.
    -Supports Imperial (US) and Metric system measurements
    -Create your own drinks, complete with drink pictures for easy reference

    Added Features of the Premium version:

    -Save, import and export your database to file and to CSV format.
    -Two companion widgets to keep track of your drinking and current status
    -Over 20 more statistics about your consumption!
    -Online comparison of your stats and drinks with others in your neighbourhood, find out who drinks the most
    -More advanced graphing capabilities, showing yearly trends
    -Share your graphs and trends on facebook, twitter, and many more!
    -The BoozePilot: learns your drinking habits and logs your drinks automatically!
    -The BoozeBuzzer: Gives you a silent reminder that you are falling behind on your drinking schedule.

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