Brain sounds&music



There is a theory that human beings are affected by the state of the mind and body to brain waves.

For example,

With the alpha wave is the frequency of 8Hz is 14Hz out of the relaxed state

With the beta wave is the frequency of 14Hz 38Hz have come from an excited state

With the theta wave is the frequency of 4Hz 8Hz have come from the meditative state

With the delta wave is a frequency of 0.5Hz 4Hz have come from the state of the unconscious

In "Brain sounds", six the "healing music" using the action can be listened to.

- Relax
- Sleep inducing
- Work concentration
- Memory concentration
- Stress divergence
- Psyched up

※ Notes
This app is not in a medical application.
Although this in-app music has been recorded on the basis of EEG data, there is no scientific evidence / medical.
There are individual differences in the effect of this application.

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