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Stimulate your cerebrum with binaural beats

  • 10 different tracks to choose from
  • Theoretically, you can hack your head!
  • Does it work? Maybe.

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"Let the binaural beat drop"

IMOBLIFE INC.'s Brainwave Tuner app uses tones generated with binaural beats to change your brain's frequency. Duuuuude.

The free version of the app includes 10 tracks of different frequencies that purport to bring you to a certain state of consciousness. Some are meant to relax you, like Sleep Induction; others claim to increase your brain activity, like "Intelligence Increase." There's also plenty of new-agey offerings, like "Edge of Consciousness" and "Earth Peace Night" (please write to me if you try it and subsequently have an out-of-body experience).

There's research that suggests that listening to binaural beats might be able to temporarily affect how your brain functions. No way am I going to vouch for it - although I'm listening to the "Attention Increase" channel right now and it's definitely trippy - but if the technique really works for you, then this app is a completely awesome way to hack your head.

The paid version of the app includes many more tracks to play with.

IMOBLIFE INC.'s Brainwave Tuner is worth a download if you're intrigued by binaural beats and the effect they might have on your brain.

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