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    I made this app for my child's mother to help her keep track of when she was feeding our son and from which breast. We thought that the existing app's that has the same functionality was complicated with a lot of unnecessary features.

    * Easy-to-use
    * Display last feeding session (start- and stoptime and from which breast OR from bottle + amount).
    * Displays time since last feeding, with the ability to count the time from the start or end of the last feeding
    * History of all feeding sessions possible to export via mail and then import in for example Excel.
    * Possibility to adjust start- and stoptime before saving
    * Dark background for better readability at night
    * Keep track of Vitamine D supplementation with a checkbox and time
    * Reminder to stop a feeding session if you forget
    * Possibility to turn breast-buttons upside down to the mothers point-of-view for better usability
    * Export history via mail

    Press the breast-button that corresponds to the breast you're feeding from and the time is registered. In the same way, when you stop feeding, press one of the breast-buttons and the end time of the feeding is registered. Then you will get a choice to save the feeding session or not. You can also adjust the start- or stop time by clicking the start- or stop text. It can not get any simpler than that!

    If you like the app and has suggestions of improvements or found errors, please send me an e-mail to

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