The BUSHI BAN system benefits the student in several key developmental ways: fitness, health and wellness, life skills,character building,personal development, self-defense, athletic competition, rich history and tradition, and lifestyle. Our advanced students are well rounded individuals who are constantly seeking knowledge through the Martial Arts, and who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals through dedication, loyalty and perseverance, and setting new standards to improve every aspect of their life.
Our students range from 4 years old to 74 years young and are given a wide range of choices in training covering methods resembling Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, cardio exercises, self-defense techniques, and many others. In addition, competitive events extend from non-contact to light contact and full contact sports such as karate type sparring, kickboxing, and grappling.
Our students are taught to practice the marital arts in the school, as well as apply their martial arts education in a constructive and productive way in their daily life.

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