Caloric Balancer



Determine your daily calorie and macro nutrient needs with this clear and simple app.

When you know your body fat % it uses the Katch-McArdle formula to provide you with an accurate result, otherwise it uses the Harris-Benedict formula. It also helps you to determine how much of those calories must come from carbs, protein and fat.


- Choose your goal: lose, maintain or gain weight;
- Increase/decrease calories to reach your goal;
- Use of the accurate Katch-McArdle formula when body fat % is known;
- Use of Harris-Benedict formula when body fat % is not known;
- Height input in cm or inches;
- Weight input in kg or lbs;
- Choose your activity level for more accurate result;
- Determine the amount of carbs, protein and fat you should eat;
- Choose nutrients ratio from preset or manually;
- Determine nutrients per meal.

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