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Ravinto is a nutrition monitoring app, that keeps track of food you eat, and allows user to browse all the meal nutrient info based on USDA database (over 6500 items).

You can also plot various nutrient values that you received during selected period and share this on social networks.

Hopefully, Ravinto will help you to know what you eat.
Overview : swipe screens to flip.
(swiping from right to left)
1.screen - long click on seekbar to choose value to draw.
2.screen - enter food to editable field (choose from dropdown hint if possible, else you'll be forced to create food first), after food from dropdown is selected, long click on next editable field (Weight(g)) and choose a portion or enter portion weight by your own.
After item is added, long click on it to EDIT, SHOW, DELETE...other screens will show nothing if you dont select it this way first.
3.screen - detailed item info, contains cca 45 nutrition values of your meal.
4.screen - Edit - click Done (upper right corner) to save changes.

Select a nutrition value to plot on graphs.

Share :
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This means you select whether you belong to'Childrein pre-school age' or 'Adult men' , otherwise daily recommended values will not be correct.
You can also store your weight, and later see a graph(statistics) of your weight loss course.
Advanced users can also save an SQLite dump to SD card to view the database(this option might be disabled in future).

Please report bugs to :

Thank you for using this app !

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