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Keep track of Calories, Exercise, and essential nutritional information of all your meals you eat every day. This is the most light-weight, fastest and most convenient Calorie Counter for Android.

** Features **

- Add and Delete foods eaten. Calorie calculator will add up and summarize daily nutrition intake
- Create new foods if you have troubles finding an item that matches your food in our existing database
- Warning Indicator shows excessive intake of calories, sugar, carbs, and fat
- Nutritional Insights recommend best foods as well as foods to avoid for your nutrition needs to improve your intake balance and provide maximum nutrition (Available as In-App product: 0.99 USD per month access)
- BMR calculator, BMI calculator (Harris Benedict Equation)
- Calculation of calories to lose weight (or calories to gain weight)
- Automatic Exercise Calorie Tracking counts burned calories. Just enter your weight, and the app will do the rest! (No other app has this feature, keep reading for more details)
- Search food and view nutrition facts
- Count consumed Calories, Fat, Carbs, Sugar, Fiber, Protein, and even Water
- Weight Watchers Points and PointsPlus for every food and total for the day
- Daily Food Diary
- Easy food amount selection with many measuring options such as slice, cup, whole fruit, etc.
- Huge food database that includes everything from simple foods to chain restaurant dishes
- Diary records are uploaded online to, and can be accessed from any cell phone or a computer. You can handle multiple accounts from one phone too.
- Major fast food and chain restaurants in the database
- Share your daily results on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other apps.
- Built-in billing for advanced services (NOT REQUIRED to use app, available as In-App product: 24.95 USD per 1-year access)

** Automatic Exercise Tracking **

How many calories you burn doing everyday exercise like grocery shopping, talking on the phone, sitting, walking, or even if you don't remember what you were doing? You can count these calories by hand or this counter app will help you find out. It uses your phone's accelerometer (a.k.a. gravity or g-sensor) to measure your activity. We know that a human body can burn about 0 to 0.27 calories per pound per one minute of exercise, so sensor data can be used to measure your activity and estimate how many calories you burn. It works like a very complicated pedometer that measures not only number of steps you make, but also the amplitude and the intensity of your exercise.

This is experimental feature, but we work every day on improving its performance and accuracy. Some older devices may disable the gravity sensor when the screen is turned off. To solve this go to Settings > Display and set up screen timeout to never turn off, then adjust brightness to minimum to save battery.

** Coming Soon **

This is a very new App, it was released just in April 2012, and we are constantly adding new features, which will include features like:

- Counter of detailed nutrition facts, for example content of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Fluoride, Vitamins, Caffeine, Omega acids, etc. in your diet
- Keeping track of your weight
- Keeping track of your exercise both in the app and on our WEB site
... and more!

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