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You want to reduce your weight or stay slim, but you are always losing track of the calories you are ingesting and how many you are burning up again?
Then the Calory Calculator is perfect for you!

With the Calory Calculator you can easily find out how many calories actually are in the different foods you are ingesting daily.

From fast food to roasted beef up to your favourite chocolate bar. With over 1900 listed foods you can speedily find what you are looking for thanks to various categories.
Instantly the calories will be displayed.
For example, did you know just 1 cup of roasted peanuts have 755 kcal...twice as much as a Cheeseburger.

Additionally the calories counter can calculate immediately how many calories are in a 12 oz beer, in a 3 oz frozen pizza or 18 oz of rice.

But there is more: Another capacity of the Calory Calculator is that it displays to you how many calories are burnt up by various activities.
At a glance you can look up and compare the caloric loss through 77 different sports (e.g. ice hockey, handball or even bowling) or every day activities (e.g. driving, ironing, shoveling snow).

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