Can I Take This? Lite



Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Do you ever wonder if you can safely take a certain prescription or over-the-counter drug?

Can I Take This? (CITT) is here to help! CITT is your convenient, on the go resource for accessing the American Academy of Pediatrics list of approved medications.

CITT allows you to search through a list of medications by generic or trade name. CITT also allows you to search the entire database for any drug by name. Each medication in the database contains important information such as the clinically proven risk to pregnancy and lactation during use.

This is the Lite version of CITT...Paid version includes the following features:
- Custom Color Themes
- Saved Searches
- Bookmarks
- Access to Pregnancy and Lactation Risks Information

Refer to "More from developer" for the paid version of Can I Take This?

Please contact the developer with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

**DISCLAIMER: This app is intended for informational use only! You should always consult a doctor before taking any medication.**

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