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Cardio Fitness is the lite version of Cardio Fitness Pro. These apps were created as a simple tool for men and women to view and get ideas about different exercises they can perform to increase their stamina and cardio! Put down those heavy dumbbells, this app will give you a broad range of different exercises and boasts a simple to use interface. We give you different options on how to approach fitness. You can either look at each individual routine, each individual workout or check out our 6 week program designed to get you in shape. This 6 week program was created by a certified personal trainer. Your cardio is important to keep maintained. Without stamina and cardio who will run after the kids, run errands after a busy day, want to work out on a lazy day?

App includes:
18 workouts
5 routines
A 3 week schedule to follow for fitness
Weekly Recipes
Weekly health tips
2 intensity levels

Newly added! A BMI Calculator with a way to track and save previous BMI values.

Fitness, Health, Exercise and Cardio are all words used in today's society which influence a healthy and long life. Take a look at the app's frequent health tips. These frequently updated health tips are provided by a certified personal trainer and will give you information on healthy eating, fitness and other popular and important topics. Workout hard, train hard and workout like you never have before.

We have also included a recipe section. Each day we will provide you with a new healthy recipe that you can use and follow along to give you a healthy alternative to fast foods and bad food people fill their bodies with each day. Recipes come from health fitness boss. These recipes are diverse and healthy.
Some Included workouts:
Seal Jacks
Hop and Skip to it
Running on the spot
Mountain Climbers
Step ups
Health, Fitness, Cardio Go!
Workout heart pumper
workout heaven

Please rate and provide feedback so we can tailor and improve the app to show you things you want to see. We are motivated by healthy living and taking a new spin on the wheel.

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