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    With cardio scan app you can get an overview of cardiovascular parameter, fast and very easy.
    The present app determines continuously the heart beat and heart rate variability.

    The continuously measurement of the heart rate variability allows a better assignment of alterations in vegetative nervous system, than the measurement via heart rate about 60 sec. The system calculate and illustrate the most important parameter of heart rate variability (SDNN, rMSSD, NN50) immediately and simultaneous. In result assessment is very easy and with the present results you can detect diseases of the body.

    Our cardio scan app can determine dynamic of respiration via detecting differences between pictures (60 per second) taken with the camera of the Smartphone. The combination of heart beat and dynamic of respiration is the basis for the biofeedback training. The optic display of curve progression allows a visual control of heart beat, in- and expiration. So you can detect and display the relationship between heart beat and respiration. In addition you can learn to control the heart rate via your respiration.

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