Catty GPS



Many useful GPS functions on a single user-friendly scrollable screen:

* Pedometer / Odometer / Speedometer

* Magnetic compass, GPS heading/bearing

* GPS status, coordinates, altitude

* Link to map apps, share your location

* Sound alerts for speed, milestones

* Chart trails automatically, fitness points

* Link to GPS/other settings, camera

* Optional help text within each section

* NO invasion of privacy, ads, spyware, etc.

Designed especially for walkers / hikers / joggers.
Audio tones monitor status and progress, hands-free.
Bread-crumbs chart helps find your way back.
Track time / distance / speed over an irregular course.
Aerobic fitness points are calculated in realtime.


Before starting a hike, start this app and let it
stabilize (find satellites and current location).
Then clear stats and go ...

Network reception on trails is poor, draining
battery and rendering many apps useless.
It's advisable to disable mobile network (3G/4G).
GPS works best with a clear view of horizons;
bodies, trees, and hills block signal. Carry phone
in pants pocket (not shirt) on the more open side.
Outdoors in a flat open area, most GPS units
can be accurate within 5 to 10 meters (yards).
Indoors it may be impossible to get any fix.

During GPS location updates (every N seconds)
status goes BUSY, then a beep sound indicates:
DOUBLE-beep at the start of a new lap;
HIGH/LOW beep for over/under speed threshold;
TRIPLE-beep for reaching milestones.

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