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Everything you need to move toward a healthier you – from tracking runs and rides to logging gym workouts, and from setting nutrition goals to charting your progress. CDPHP® InMotion is your personal training log and friend.
Free and available to anyone, the app can automatically sync with your free account on
CDPHP InMotion uses the built-in GPS technology of your Android device to enable you to track your outdoor fitness activities and gets you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. Step out your front door, hit the road or trail, and this app will effortlessly mark out your path along an interactive map and record essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation. Once you finish your workout, save your data and it automatically uploads to, where you can view your route, workout data, and a comprehensive workout history.
And when you’re not working out, you can use InMotion to establish a daily calorie and nutrient budget. Then, search and log the foods you have eaten to watch your dashboard update, tracking your progress toward your daily goal.
CDPHP InMotion boasts all of these great features:
-Real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance, pace, speed, and elevation.
-An interactive map that lets you view your current location and exactly where you have traveled along your route.
-Synchronization with your online 'Training Log' on
-Manual entry of workout data directly from the app so you can easily record your indoor activities like gym workouts and cardio sessions on the treadmill.
-Social integration that enables you to share your workout data with friends and family.
-Voice Feedback detailing distance, pace, or speed information. Get your run data in real-time through your headphones or speakers.
-And InMotion is FREE and available to anyone.
Download CDPHP InMotion today and get the tools and motivation you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

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