CH Pedometer



You can record the steps, distance, calorie consumption, and so on.

■You can use your smart phone as an pedometer.
■You can record your walking route with GPS.
■You can login to "Creative Health NEXT"(Members only website which offers you several services to help keep your health).
Those who have resisterd to "Creative Health NEXT" can enjoy this App more by logging in to the website from this App.
・You can get "Health points" according to the steps you walked. With the "Health points", you can Apply for various goods.
・You can save your data(steps, distance etc) for a long period of time.(For now, unlimited)
・You can join the ranking for steps and distance.
※"Creative Health NEXT(Website)" is Japanese only. We can't support other languages.
※At present, to become a member of "Creative Health Next"(, the organization you belong to, such as corporations, HMOs and PPOs, should have enrolled to this service.
About "Creative Health NEXT(Website)"
※You can use this App without registering to"Creative Health NEXT(Website)"
※"CH Pedometer App" is one of the "CH Healthcare Apps" provided by NTT DATA, Inc.

・Measurement and record of steps, distance, and calorie consumption.
・Display of steps, distance, and calorie consumption in charts.
・Route recording with GPS. (Automatically distinguishes walking and running from traveling in vehicles)
・Route recording: You can record your time, distance, average pace, transition of pace, route, and calorie consumption.
・Power saving settings for steps couting, recording, and GPS.
・Display of widgets
・Choice of colors(6 colors)
・Linkage with "Creative Health NEXT(Website)".

・You cannnot record route with GPS disabled.
・If you uninstall this App, the data will be erased and cannot be restored even if you install the App again. The data of steps and distance uploaded to "Creative Health NEXT" will be saved on the website.
・Please record route outside buildins, because GPS signals cannot be received indoors.
・You cannnot record route while the signal of route recording screen is red or yellow. Please use the function while the signal is green.
・You can use this App only with the time settings of your smart phone is set to "automatic".

【Supported devices】
Android OS 2.2~4.4
※ This application does not work properly on some devices.

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