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Traditional Croatian cookbooks and recipes.
Croatian Food takes you through the magical world of Croatian cuisine.

Wealth of Croatian gastronomy will leave indifferent only a few because it combines the best from Mediterranean and continental cuisines over a small geographical area. Every part of Croatia has its own culinary tradition. Meals in the inland parts bear some resemblance with Austro-Hungarian, even Turkish cuisine and those in the Adriatic region are more clearly influenced by ancient, Illyrian and, later, by Italian and French cuisines. Meat is prepared everywhere. In the continental parts dominate pork, beef and poultry, while in the coastal parts emphasis is on lamb, veal and poultry. Oily and white fish and seafood are integral parts of seaside meals and although mainlanders consume it in smaller quantities, they nevertheless consume it. Only exception is that they mostly enjoy in freshwater fish such as trout, carp and catfish.
Furthermore, in every corner of Croatia you will find vegetables, pasta and cereals, as well as various deserts. Every Croatian dish, regardless of its origin, geographical or other, has its own qualities and whether you will enjoy more in Mediterranean or continental tastes is entirely up to you.
Nonetheless, it is important to emphasize that it is proven that Mediterranean cuisine is good for your health and in this cookbooks you will find a handful of recipes for healthy and light dishes that will do wonders for your organism.
Therefore, taste these recipes and enter the magical world of Croatian cuisine.
Enjoy your meal!

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