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!!! Best mobile app with daily meals, specially tailored to meet your dietary needs !!!

!!! Healthy dinner recipes for diet day by day !!!
Stop wasting time and thinking what to eat, from now start eat healthy delicious dinner recipes.

Daybite will send you one great dinner recipe each day. Now you can share your experience with friends who also feel fit and healthy.

We will help you stick to your weight goals by offering healthy meal planning and encouragement through one, easy mobile phone app. Helping you achieve your ideal weight much faster. Stop wasting your time searching for custom made dinner recipes and let DayBite do the planning.

Perhaps you want to lose or gain some weight but you don’t know what you should eat to reach your goal. Maybe your meal planning is getting boring because you simply don’t have enough time to search for new recipes that meet your needs. Join and discover dietary freedom!

DayBite is a mobile application that will send you one healthy dinner recipe each day. Next to that, you will be able to follow the streams of other DayBite users. This is ideal for added encouragement and additional healthy recipe exchanges.

1. You get one healthy meal each day
2. Make friends with other Daybite Heroes. Follow them give them like, and leave comments.
3. Add your own healthy recipe and share with friends on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr
4. Watch activity with great recipes in
5. Customize your profile to achieve your goal.
6. Become a member of Daybite community and increase your motivation to be fit and healthy.

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Daybite need access to services with following reasons:
1. Camera - to take photos for dishes
2. Internet - to communicate with server

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