Do you need access to a skill quickly? With this app you will quickly get a random distress tolerance skill to do. In addition, for each module, Mindfulness, Emotional Control, Manage relationships and Distress tolerance, are the skills represented and tutorials for these. Contains over 150 different suggestions on skill exercises. There is also the opportunity to create your own crisis list so you will always have it with you. An optional module for validation has been added as desired by participants. The application is designed in collaboration with the participants in DBT treatment.

Dbt911 is available in Swedish, English, German and Hebrew. Want to help translate into other languages? Please e-mail!

Dbt911 can never replace professional help, but can serve as a tool for DBT training.

Keywords: DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Skills, Mindfulness, Emotions, Emotional Control, Anxiety, Self Help, Relationships, Therapy, IPS.

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