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Defi Now! - a fast and easy defibrillator finder

Sudden cardiac arrest is with millions of cases worldwide the most common death cause. The knowledge of defibrillator locations can be lifesaving in case of a medical emergency.

The Defi Now! project has the goal of creating an open platform with information about surrounding defibrillators. An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is build to be used by ordinary persons, works full automatically and can not harm the patient.

In case of a sudden cardiac arrest the probability of survival is reduced by 10% every minute if nobody is helping with CPR. The app makes it possible to easily and quickly find near by AEDs and also add new ones. This way the necessary resuscitation procedure can be started even before the arrival of an ambulance.


- AED locations can be viewed and selected via list or map
- up to three high resolution photos of the AED are available, so that it could be located quickly: a close shot, a panorama shot and a building/emergency-plan
- routing from the actual position to the choosen AED
- automatic emergency call and AED sign recognition for the actual user country
- consideration of opening hours of half-public AED locations such as shopping malls or stores
- distinction between verified and none-verified AED locations
- a short manual about first aid
- function to add new AED locations

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