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Try "Diet Master App" – a diet diary and nutrients tracker which shows you detailed information about vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, fats, calories that you consume.

Control your diet with “Diet Master App”, because people eating healthy learn faster, feel better, and are more successful at work.

Make sure that you eat the all nutrients in recommended amounts. Don't risk missing something important. Especially if you are a vegan or a vegetarian.

Calorie counting alone cannot guarantee weight loss, because if some nutrients are deficient in your diet, you may be hungry and risk weight gain.

What's more, research shows that if your diet is nutrient-deficient, you risk developing certain diseases.

The application was optimized for easy use. Often it is enough to enter just three letters to find specific food.

Moreover, if you specify weight, then your choices will be remembered. That makes the application even easier to use.

Please make sure than you read "important notes" in the application.

You can also try FREE Diet Master App, available on Google Play.

“Diet Master App” - go for it!

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