Dieter's Cookbook

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    Eating healthier doesn't have to be something that is difficult or that requires you to give up all the things you love to eat. This Dieter's Cookbook allows you access to 500 different meals that are calorie conscious without sacrificing flavor. With this cookbook, you can begin to eat healthier throughout the day. You can learn to replace some of the items you eat with healthier ones and get on track to losing weight.

    Application Features:
    ★Eliminates excess calories without removing flavor
    ★Cookbook is written by trusted food source
    ★ nearly 500 tasty recipes
    ★ Complete recipes directions, ingredients and reviews.
    ★ Six Recipe Categories:Beef,Chicken,Pasta,Pork,seafood,Vegetarian
    ★ Complete Nutritional Information such as Calories,Total Fat,Cholesterol,Dietary Fiber,Protein etc
    ★ Detailed Cooking Instructions,easy to learn how to cook
    ★ lots of food images and reviews
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