Dr. John Carberry Exam Anxiety



John is the director and founder of the modern school of hypnotheraphy and works from a busy medical centre and has seen people suffering from issues ranging from smoke related problems, to excess weight, Depression, Drug problems – the list is just endless.

The incredible thing is that most of these issues can be resolved in as little as ONE HOUR and only ONE Session. Johns experience has led him to work alongside medical doctors helping them free their patients of mental blocks and so called addictions they might have, which inhibit them from overcoming their problems.
Johns aim is to take hypnotherapy from the clinic and to the people on the streets. Anyone who really wants to help themselves can do so. He has helped thousands of people over the last 18 years with his ability.

Johns skills have not gone unnoticed with the Australian Police Service now seeking his help for areas such as severe depression, smoking, post traumatic stress disorders, etc. He has have helped many of our officers back to full time duty, and back on the streets where they are needed.
Some of Johns greater achievements have been in the areas of stoke patients, who after a few sessions were able to walk again and write their names again – after being told this could never happen. He has helped world athletes climb the ranks and have reduced brain tumours through the art of positive reinforcement - with medical scans as proof of my success.

John has people fly in from all over the globe to access his services. Now you can download this application and have him with you 24/7 and use it at your convenience.