DriveBit is a simple application used to help in logging commutes to

FitBit devices may misinterpret driving as steps and the only current workaround is to log the driving time as a driving activity on the FitBit site or via your mobile device. This can be an irritating task to have to repeat.

DriveBit is here to help. Simply launch the application, tap start when you start your commute and tap stop when you finish your commute. That's it! We'll keep track of how long the drive was and when it started and post the driving activity for you.

Settings allow you to select any of the transportation activity types or create your own activity type that you'd like to track.

DriveBit plugs into Locale and Tasker to allow you to start and stop drives based on any number of inputs (location, time, Wifi connection, etc.).

Drive bit also offers widgets to add to your home screen or lock screen for easy recording of your commutes.

Reasons for needed permissions:
- Full network access: This is so we can post your activities to FitBit.
- View network connections: This is so we figure out the best time to retry when a post fails.

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