Allergic illnesses are associated not just with allergens, but also with lifestyles. Recording symptoms regularly and telling the treating physician about them contribute significantly to getting a clear diagnosis.

    The e-symptoms app, serving as an electronic log, helps allergy and asthma sufferers to observe, quantify and document their symptoms easily. In a daily test run-through, the relevant symptoms are noted and any
    medication intake and lifestyle habits are recorded. To supplement the test questions, images of the skin can be documented, for example in the case of atopic dermatitis (eczema).

    The data are can access the affected person in convenient graphical form. Before a consultation, a compilation of the symptom data can be sent to the treating physician at the push of a button. This overview is
    supplemented by pollen count, air pollution and rainfall data, to provide the doctor with additional information.
    The app provides optimum support for diagnostics and communication between affected persons and their doctors.

    The advice section contains basic information and tips for the allergy sufferer. The regional pollen forecast allows hay fever sufferers to make an initial estimate of the situation. For any questions about allergies, the aha! infoline is just a click away.

    If you have questions about installing or using the app, you can call the hotline: +41 359 90 50.

    aha! Allergiezentrum Schweiz, MeteoSchweiz and CK-Care offer this app to people with allergies, health care professionals and anyone else interested, as a useful tool that makes precise diagnosis possible.

    Special features:
    - Test questions for the daily symptoms log
    - Photo function for taking pictures of skin changes
    - Statistics functions
    - Medicines list
    - Log transmission to doctor
    - Allergy advice
    - Capture of treating physician’s contact data
    - Personal data protection function with PIN

    Languages: German, French, Italian, English

    aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, website:

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