Easy Breathing Meditation



Breathing meditation or Anapanasati
is one of the Buddhist meditations.
meditation Reduces stress.
It also helps promote health and peace of mind.
This application is designed for beginners
of meditation.

- Key Features -
◆When Inhale and Exhale button is clicked;
you can hear the recorded breath Sound by
Meditation expert.
(*Listen to the sound of breathing helps
in the peace of mind.)
◆Each increase of breathing count,
you can hear a meditation bell(Settings).
◆With the timer function, you will hear
the meditation bell when the set time expires.
◆It is easy to use.
(Each time you click the button,
automatically switched
inhalation and exhalation).

-How to use-
1. Sit on a chair in a comfortable
position, or sit on the floor.
2. Nose or mouth breathing should be fine,
but it is better to breathe through
your nose.
3. 1 Inhalation + 1 Exhalation will be counted
as one breath and at the moment Of inhalation
or exhalation begins Click the button
4. Count to the number (5 or 7 or 10)
,then begin from 1 again
Ex) If you have set as 1 Count = 5Breath,
Inhalation + Exhalation One,
Inhalation + Exhalation Two,
Inhalation + Exhalation Three,
Inhalation + Exhalation Four,
Inhalation + Exhalation Five
Repeat => Inhalation + Exhalation One, ~ Five
*Every 1count (5,7,10),
you can hear the bells.(Settings)
5. If you are lost in the middle of the counting,
reset and repeat from the beginning.
6. The timer can be set to minutes and
at the beginning and end will ring a bell.

1. Do not try to adjust the
length of breath * the same breath as usual.
2. Do not focus excessively.
3. Close your eyes, or keep your eyes open,
looking at Smartphone But it is better to
close your eyes if possible
4. When you say the number 5(7 or 10)
in your heart,If you can hear the
meditation bell at the moment,
it is very good Even if not so,
there is no problem.
5. Once you get used to meditation
through this application,Without
Smartphone, You can meditate.
6. If you want to know more about breath
meditation There will be many resources
on the Internet (search by breathing
meditation or anapanasati).
7. Wearing headphones, you better concentrate
well and Breath sound is audible.
If Breath sound is interrupted,
no sound can be set in the Settings menu.

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