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Get fit the natural and easy way with Easy Calorie Counter.

It seems that all the other calorie counter apps require you to enter the name of the food and its calories value before you could add it to your total. Dieting is hard enough. Why jump through hoops trying to keep track of your count? With easy calorie counter you just enter the amount of calories you just ate and then you are done. If you have a common food that you eat, such as a turkey sandwich with all the fixings, just enter it in the common foods section once and “Easy Calorie Counter” will save the info so that you will never have to count up the calories of each item again.

Easy calorie counter will also help you calculate how many calories you should be eating daily and then help track your weight so you can see your progress. Once you enter your daily goal/limit Easy Calorie Counter will change the colors of the buttons from green to yellow to red to quickly show you how close you are to your daily goal/limit.

-Quickly enter calorie value for food and move on
-Keeps track of calories
-Keeps track of weight to help measure progress
-Add custom foods so you don't have to remember their values every time you eat them
-Calculate your BMR and get your suggested calorie intake daily values

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