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Easy Carb Counter is an essential tool for type 1 diabetics that would like to know the amount of carbohydrates in their meals. Simply search the database for the food items, enter the weight and Easy Carb Counter will compile the meal and calculate the carbohydrate portion of it.
Using your phone and a small pocket scale you can now manage your diabetes better and easier than ever. The application helps people to do carbohydrate counting for diabetes management.

The application uses a local database on the Android device and does not require an internet connection to work.

The database has more than 500 different food items.

All branded food information has been compiled from New Zealand sources.

There is a lot of typical food data items that can be used globally.

For a description on how to use Easy Carb Counter please visit our website:

Disclaimer/Health Warning.
The information provided by this software should be used in conjunction with professional dietary advice. If you need accurate carb counting for medical purposes then use other references to verify results.

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