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Chinese Health with Qi Gong.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health practice that coordinates breathing patterns with movement to maintain and improve health and well-being.

Master Tan Fung Ya have been practicing the ancient art of QiGong for over fifty years. He has developed this video to help students both old and young, sedentary and active achieve greater health and well being.

This video is in two parts: basic and intermediate.

Basic Chinese Exercise - QiGong

The discipline of basic QiGong is comprised of eight elements. These elements performed daily will improve circulation, build a stronger immune system and enhance mental sharpness.

Element 1 - Improving Digestion and Spine
Element 2 - Invigorating Nervous System
Element 3 - Balance of Energy
Element 4 - Flexibility of Lower Body
Element 5 - Lung, Intestine, Reproductive Organs
Element 6 - Kidneys and renal-system pressure points
Element 7 - Alleviating Headache, Insomnia & Fatigue
Element 8 - Sharpening Mental Capacity and Focus

Intermediate QiGong is for those who wish to further build strength, stamina and grace.

Intermediate Che Gong is comprised of eight elements and should be performed as frequently as desired.

Element 1 - Lungs, heart and stomach
Element 2 - Pelvis Balance
Element 3 - Aiding Digestion
Element 4 - Preventing from Five Hardships
Element 5 - Diminishing Occurrence of Heartburns
Element 6 - Bladder, Kidney and Liver Function
Element 7 - Building Strength
Element 8 - Coordinating Kidney, Bladder and Back

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