Erectile Dysfunction Self-Test



Self-Test on Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Enlargement. A professional screening test consisting of 4 parts that checks for symptoms of erection issues (also known as 'Impotence' / 'ED' / 'Erectile Dysfunction' or 'Erection problems') in men, one of the most common sexual disorders.

Compiled by psychotherapist, couple & sex therapist R.L.Fellner (Vienna, Austria). The test offers a full analysis of all 4 integrated tests for FREE and allows for a fairly reliable assessment on whether you have to deal with Erectile Dysfunction or not.

If the app has found indications for ED, you can activate an additional in-depth questionnaire (optional, by in-app payment after the completion of the ED test) which provides a rigorous check for a very wide range of likely *causes* of your erection issues (including medical ones) plus an in-app analysis of all your answers so far, *along with personalized recommendations and advice* compiled by the counselor. According to feedbacks, many men have accomplished to get rid - or at least remarkably improve - their erection issues using this collection of ideas and hints to apply in real life.

-Using this self-test can not replace a personal diagnosis/checkup by a doctor and/or sex therapist.-

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