Exercise Without Effort Guide



It is a fact of modern life that most people do not exercise enough.
This , allied to a diet which is heavy on sugar and fat laden fast foods, has
led to a tidal wave of overweight and obese people in most Western
countries, a tidal wave that is becoming increasingly difficult to turn back.
The problem is that, for most people, it is all too easy and convenient not to
take exercise.
If you need the basic everyday groceries - even if it is only a carton of milk
or a loaf of bread - it is quicker and more convenient to hop in the car and
drive to the store than walk.
If you have to get to the third or fourth floor when you go to the office, it is
easier (although not always quicker) to take the elevator as opposed to the
Yet many people are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars
every year to be a member of a gymnasium or a fashionable fitness club in
order to stay in shape.
That really does not make a great deal of sense, so this book is here to tell
you that it does not have to be that way!
I am going to show you how to keep your money in your pocket and
exercise the natural way, in a way that you don't even really notice.
Mankind managed to survive for thousands of years before anyone ever
came up with the idea of 'working out at the gym'.
Sure, the life expectancy of modern man has increased significantly over the
past couple of hundred years, but I suspect that this has little to do with the
proliferation of fancy fitness clubs and expensive gymnasia.
The good news is that exercise can be taken naturally every day. With a
little thought, it is not difficult to think of lots of opportunities for taking
exercise without resorting to spending your hard earned cash on fitness club
Let us start by looking at why exercise is so important in modern life.