EYE Mentor for android



THANKS, for your attention to 'EYE Mentor for android App beta'.

Your eyes need suitable brightness,rest and excercise to keep health in screen works or book reading.
if you can't check that many condition as busy, I recommend this.

Features of App

1. Shows brightness info measured on realtime by sensor of device and
Guideline suitable by icon, images about that.

2. You can get notification about low brightness or even direct sunlight caution automatically, if you want.

3. Gives very easy and effective EYE Excercise for relax and health of your eyes.
Also this can be scheduled.

this is BETA version yet, So I apologize problems can appear.
If you catch that feedback please.

*********************** Device requirement and support ****************************

OS: above 2.3 Gingerbread
Sensor: needs embeded Lightness sensor

Density & Resolution: HDPI and 800x480 resolution display optimized.
in others, it'll be runnig well but can show distorted screen.

Healthy all day.

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