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  • User-friendly interface
  • 6 types of tests: Color Blindness, Visual Acuity...
  • Advises
  • Scientifc basis
  • Design
  • It should require "inputting" by the user
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"I can see clearly now"

Reviewed by / Oct 20, 2013

Eye Test allows you to test your vision at home easily

It's been a while since the last time you visited the optometrist, right? Well, maybe it's time to set an appointment and check your vision. In the meanwhile, if you started feeling your vision got worse or you just want to know how good it is by now, you should take a glance at this app.

B2 Eye Test is a compilation of visual test. There are up to 6 types of eye tests: "Visual Acuity" test based on Snellen Chart (which is the one we are used to) with numbers and text, black or white background. There's also Ishihara test for Color Blindness test. 4 Amsler grid tests used to monitor a person's central visual field. The AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) test, the Glaucoma Survey and a Written Test.

In addition, you can upgrade to get some Pro test, such as Contrast Sensitivity, Astigmatism test, Red Desaturation, Duchrome test, Landolt C Tumbling E and OKN Strip.

The app is set in a simple yet user-friendly interface (just select the test from the grid and follow the steps to run it). What's more, all the tests have a scientific basis, so it can't damage you in any way. Those are the same tests used by the professionals. However, the diagnosis is only theirs. So if you feel something is wrong with your vision after performing these tests, better call your doctor.

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Developer's original description available here
When was the last time you had your eyes tested? You can’t remember? With this eye test you can test your vision at home easily and totally free! After doing the tests you should be able decide whether or not you should see an eye doctor. Doing the vision tests is fun, and you can also share the results with your friends on Facebook!

The application has 12 types of eye tests:
* Visual acuity tests (based on a Snellen chart, numbers and text, with black or white background)
* An Ishihara Color Blindness test
* 4 Amsler grid tests
* An AMD test for macular degeneration
* A Glaucoma survey
* A Written test aka. how much do you know about the eye?
* An OKN Strip test
* Red Desaturation test
* Contrast Sensitivity test
* Duochrome test
* Landolt C/Tumbling E test
* Astigmatism test

Due to variations in each screen accuracy (screen size, brightness/contrast, resolution) the eye tests are not perfect. Holding a phone of approx 4" screen size 30 cm/12 inches from your eyes would give you nearly accurate results. Hold it (place it) 52cm/20inches from your eyes if you have e.g. a 7" tablet.
Do not consider the tests in the app official tests. These tests only mean to give you an idea whether or not you should see an eye doctor or go on an eye therapy.

The visual acuity test is a routine part of an eye examination, particularly in case of vision problems.

Color Blindness is a commonly misleading term, because most people think color blind people cannot see colors. They can see colors, but cannot make out the difference between some couples of complementary colors.

The Amsler grid is a grid of horizontal and vertical lines used to check vision problems caused by changes in the retina, particularly the macula as well as the optic nerve.

Age-related macular degeneration is a progressing eye condition that affects millions of people. The disease attacks the macula, which is responsible for the sharp, central vision.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the eye’s optic nerve and can result in vision loss. If left untreated, It can lead to blindness. With the proper treatment you can protect your eyes and vision.

The optic nerve is sensitive to red, so when it is damaged, red-colored objects may appear dull, washed-out or faded.

A contrast sensitivity test checks for the ability to differentiate between light and dark.

This test is used to estimate whether you are long or short sighted.

The Landolt C is the standard optotype for acuity measurement in most European countries.

This test is the standard visual acuity test for people who cannot read the Roman alphabet.

Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes blurred vision making it difficult to see fine details, either close up or from a distance.

What to do if I get bad results?

If your results indicate you may have vision problems, you should see an eye doctor. Having regular eye examinations promotes eye health. It also allows your doctor to measure your vision and make the necessary changes to your prescriptions.
You can also download eye training apps to preserve your eye sight and improve vision. You should take better care of your eyes and vision. Preserving vision health is one of our most important thing to do. Omitting eye care and eye exams can result in serious vision damage.
If you experience any eye problems using the web browser, to-do apps, calendars, writing messages or checking the phone book or the call log, you should take this test to check if you need eye treatment and/or vision training.

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1.1 Removed titlebar to free up screen space and added US metrics (inch) to description of tests

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Comments and ratings for Eye Test Pro
  • (53)

    by William Romanoff on 26/12/2014

    Does not work for tablet since the screen is larger the scale is wrong giving false readings.

  • (53)

    by Arpad Janko on 19/07/2014

    Great app!!!

  • (53)

    by Soraia Ferreira on 02/02/2014

    Please add info about retinal detachment and make a good version for tablet. Great app :)

  • (53)

    by Angga Tamimi on 07/01/2014

    Very useful

  • (53)

    by Robin Markowitz on 26/09/2013

    Very happy with it! I will compare with new exam at the eye doc. Then I will update this review, for perhaps another star!

  • (53)

    by SITEIS STEAL on 18/01/2013

    I have eyesight problems and it accurately identifies which I have and which I don't have its wonderful to be able to accurately test at home as often as one likes SUPERB THANKS DEVELOPER FOR PIECE OF MIND