Fantastic Pedometer



Fantastic Pedometer counts every step no matter what terrain or how fast you are walking or running.
Fantastic Pedometer keeps track on your speed and distance as well as the steps you make in minute and calculates the calories you burn, and helps you reach your fitness goals and lose weight. Fantastic Pedometer helps you reach your goals no matter if you are trying to lose weight or lower your body fat and reach your fitness goals.

Fantastic Pedometer features:

-Automatically detects your steps.
-Detects at what speed you are walking or running.
-Calculates the distance covered.
-See how many calories you have burned.
-Shows you how many steps per minute you are walking or running.
-Selecting imperial or metric units.
-Change the sensitivity of the sensors.
-Set custom step length.
-You can enter you body weight and set the app according to your body.
-Set the exercise.
-Features Voice/Speech notification.
-Enter the pace walking or running.

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